Other WWW Land Yacht Sites

Rich Crnichs' Western Metal Art and Land Yachts.

NALSA North American Land Sailing Association.

Windhog Yachts. Manufacturer of Windhog Land Yachts.

Wind Wheels. Online Land Sailing Journal, info on clubs, dealers, and manufacturers and more.

New Zealand LandSailors

Ohope Beach New Zealand LandSailors

Sunny Acres Sailing, Sipping & Soaring Society.

Jon Neher's Landsailing Page.

Windline Factory.

Colorado Landsailing and Iceboating.

Blokart Land Yachts.

Lincolnshire Land Yacht Club.

Land Sailing and Ice Sailing in Edmonton, Canada.

Fast is Fun (even without water).


British Land Sailing.

Ice Yachting in Sweden

Skate Sailing in Sweden, competes favorably with ice yachts.

The Ice Flyer Home Page. An Ice Yacht based on a windsurfing rig.

Wind Skate.

Derek Todds' new site.

Southwest Landyachters.

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