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Standing on the boardwalk at Long Beach Washington.

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I was born on November 16th 1929 in Monticello Illinois a small town of 2400 people then. Back in those days I was an all a round jock, played quarterback on the football team and was captain of the basketball team. I graduated from high school in 1947. For the next three years I worked for Sterling Drug company and then the U.S. Post Office. In 1950 I joined the U.S. Airforce to avoid being drafted into the ARMY. The Air Force sent me to their Radio Equipment Tech School and after completing both the basic school and advanced school I was selected for Instructor school. By this time I had completed 1 1/2 years of my four year enlistment. I ended up teaching in the basic school then the advanced school and finally in a special equipment school. By then my enlistment was up. Instead of re-enlisting I headed for the University of Illinois on the GI Bill. While enrolled in the college of engineering I took the time to obtain a commercial First Class Radio Liscense and got a job in the television station. By the time I graduated from the university I was assistant chief engineer at the station and seriously considered taking a job as chief engineer for a three station combine in Indiana. But the lure of misiles and aeroplanes was too great and I took a job with Boeing as a design engineer. For the next 28 years I participated in the design the Minuteman Missile, the Short Range Attack Missile, an experimental high acceleration booster(HIBEX), The Air Launched Cruise Missile, and three different black programs for the government. My main responsibility was the design of the instrumentation systems carried on board to measure such things as the aerodynamic performance, the mechanical stresses, propulsion system performance and the performance of all the electronics. In addition I designed the Radar tracking system and Flight Termination system used to determine where the missile was going and to blow it up if it strayed off course. At the age of 58 I retired to devote more time to skiing, playing golf, designing kites and designing and sailing Land Yachts. This WWW site contains some of the things I have done regarding kites, and Land Yachts. In 1997 my wife Carol and I moved to Westport Washington just a short way to the Pacific Ocean and a sandy beach. If anyone out there has any questions regarding kite technology or land yachts I would be happy to try to answer them. I can be reached via email at:


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