A Gallery Of My Favorite Buggiers.

I have a lot of favorite buggy people and will continue to add pictures as they become available.

+This is the vivacious Kelci Williams on her buggy at Grayland beach. The wind is light and she is using a 5 meter peel as her buggy engine. Kelci is a veteran buggier who has buggied at Ivanpaugh dry lake the last two years and often uses grayland beach as her local buggy site.

+This is Morrie Williams the husband of Kelci. This picture was also taken at Grayland beach. Morrie was using a 5 meter peel when this picture was taken but he prefers his new Quadtrac Pro 4. Morrie is also a veteran buggier who has attended the last two Ivanpaugh get togethers. Note the fancy upolstery on the buggy, a custom job by Maryann Behrend.

+ This is the lovely Leslie Brown having a good time at Grayland beach. This was Leslies first time on a buggy and she was a natural at it. You can tell by the large smile that Leslie is in no way intimidated.

+ This is Ron Brown the guy that owns and operates, with his wife Leslie, Clearwater Products. They make Fishing rods, Antennas, Aerospace and Industrial tubing and oh yes, Kite spars. Ron is flying a Quadrifoil 25 at Grayland beach. Trouble is it doesn't have any spars.

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