UPDATE: Here it is the end of February, and already much is happening in the buggy world. The Buggy Boogie Thang scheduled for January 17-20, 1994 (immediately after KTA / Las Vegas) also known as Operation High Desert Swarm was expected to be at El Mirage Dry Lake between Palmdale and Victorville in California's Mojave Desert. New developments have brought another location, much closer to Las Vegas, to my attention. A more convenient location could bring more folks who have only a passing interest in buggies, and give us a chance to convert them.

LAND SAILING: I have recently been in contact with the North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) and have been invited to their National Regatta to be held during Easter Week. I will be there April 9-11. This event is being held at Ivanpah Dry Lake just 40 miles outside of Las Vegas right on Interstate 15 (The highway to L.A.) Ivanpah straddles the state line (Cal- Nev) and there are two casino-hotels there. Whiskey Pete's is the choice, the costs are low ($33/night) and the food prices are their loss-leader (Prime Rib for $9.95).

RESERVATIONS: If you can make it... use my confirmation number when you make your reservations to receive adjacent rooms instead of being spread out all over. Don't delay, they will probably fill up. Whiskey Pete's phone number: 1-702-382-4388 Confirmation # 153 254 / Jensen. This event should not only introduce the buggy pilots to the larger land sailing community, but them to us and it will also allow us to explore this extremely convenient location for the Buggy Boogie Thang.

BUGGY CLUB: In regards the land sailing club, they maintain a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy and serve as the sanctioning body for races and speed trials. The president of NALSA is also a kiter and a friend. He has stated that we may form a buggy sailing club and affiliate with their organization for $40/ year and be covered under their insurance.

BUGGY PILOTS of AMERICA: I already have a banner with BP of A appliqued on it. Can we be the Buggy Pilots of America?

BIG BROTHER: The Federal Government manages most of the dry lakes and requires a $2/person fee for any competitive events held on public land. NALSA has and maintains these valuable contacts with the bureaucracy.

BUGGY PRICES: Distribution and prices on the PL Kite Buggy remain just a bit unsettled. They are struggling to make them available worldwide. Fat Tire Buggies are less expensive. They are best on sand but less efficient on grass. Skinny Tire Buggies cost more because of the spoke wheels. They work best on hard-pack and grass. Current list prices are FTB: $799 Street Price $550 - $650. STB: $899, Street Price $600 - $700. Some discount prices do not include the carry bag.

AFTER MARKET: Fat tires may be retro-fitted to STB's rear axle without modification, as can skinny tires be fitted to FTB rear axles. A fat tire in the front of a STB requires the new front fork, while skinny front tires on fat tire forks may require a longer axle bolt fitting. As the rims and spokes on the STB are not stainless steel, some riders are looking to upgrade. Check your local bike shop for BMX rims. I found some 16" red, blue or silver anodized rims that I picked up for $5 ea. The bike shop, looking for winter business, offered 3 rims, spokes & assembly for $64 complete. Peter Lynn has developed a dead-man handle for two-line power kites. As the major problem of letting go in times of trouble is that the handles fly off and can wrap around or strike something, this system that releases the lines when the flyer lets go of the handles is a very smart choice for responsible flyers.

RELATIVE POWER: At my weight of 225 lbs. a Quad 25 on 60 ft. lines moves me in a 13-15 mph wind on hard-pack. The Q-50 with 70 ft. lines gets me going in a 8-10 mph wind, and in a 15 mph wind on a hard-pack surface can propel me to the mid 30 mph range. The Q-75 on 90 ft. lines drops the minimum wind needed to buggy down to around 5-6 mph. I also am using a two- stack of Rev-1's and while they do not generate as much power and require more attention during set-up and launches, they have the advantage of great maneuverability and being adaptable to wind velocity by adding or removing sails. The 5 m. PEEL is still the most powerful I have used (it scared me) with the buggy, but the best power is generated with a looping flight path that requires more room.

TEACHING: Teaching others is still easier with the Quad bags. There is less need to be an accomplished kiter first. Set-up, launch and crash recovery are also easier with the quad-line parafoils. I make a point of bringing my mountain bike along so I can follow and instruct without yelling.

BUGGY BOOGIE THANG: I am making a very special Buggy Boogie Thang Sweatshirt that will commemorate this already legendary event. They will be available soon and will cost $30/ea. including S&H in the USA. Overseas orders add $10. X-X-Large add $5.

CONTACT: Contact me through WINDBORNE KITES 585 Cannery Row #105 Monterey, California 93940. I am in the shop from 10 am to 6 pm Monday, Thursday & Friday. The shop phone is 1-408-373-7422. You may fax me at the AKA fax number 1-408-647-8483.

Good Sailing, Corey Jensen